Casting Call

Northwest Louisiana

Title: “Beneath the Ether”

Director: Corey Hammett

Status: Non-Union Production

Shoot date: TBD Spring 2018

Compensation: TBD

Synopsis: In a war-torn dystopia, the faith of two priests is tested when they begin a journey to escort a mother and her child to safety.


Peter: Age= 30-40, Male. Disillusioned by the rage of war all around him, Peter’s faith begins to slip as he questions the cruelty in the world.

Inquisitor: Age 30-50, Male, Athletic/ Fit. The masked leader of a terrorist militant group. Determined to bring back order to the countryside by any means necessary.

Mother: Age 30-40, Female. Distrusting of the priests, and all men’s intentions, she clings to the last bit of hope she has left in the crumbling world she has seen, her child.

Child: Age 5-10, Male or Female. Interested in the lives of the priests, the child tries to make sense of the idea of a benevolent God in the midst of his recent memories of pain and suffering.

Extras: 18-50, Male or Female. Need refugees, soldiers, terrorists, and victims.

Please email your headshot, resume, reel and contact information to with the subject line: CASTING CALL.