Casting for Short Film- A Dangerous Game


Location: Rocky Mount, NC


Compensation: Film Credit, Food & A demo reel edited by the director/editor

A Dangerous Side

written by Jamar Alston

A Dangerous side is a short film about two people in completely different relationships that decided to fool around on their significant other with the intentions of only being friends with benefits and nothing more. Everything seems to be going as planned until Anna begins to catch feelings for Todd ultimately ruining the whole side piece relationship. Things become more intense when Anna breaks it off with her boyfriend Simon and wants Todd to break it off with his girlfriend Carla. Todd refuses to do so which sets Anna on a diabolical path of revenge.

Casting for the following roles.

Anna- Late 20’s Caucasian pretty long hair, she’s very beautiful and pleasing to the eye. She comes off as shy at first until you get to know her then she reveals her more wilder side.

Todd- early 30’s African American, he’s easily going with a very flirtatious persona, he’s quick tempered and doesn’t like when he can’t control the outcome of events.

Carla- late 20’s young beautiful African american woman, she’s the pregnant girlfriend of Todd she’s content with her relationship and wants to build and grow with Todd. She’s friendly and easy going.

Simon- mid 30’s Caucasian Anna’s ex-boyfriend he has bit of a temper and is easily agitated especially when he drinks. He can become quite angry which sometimes causes him to erupt into a fit of rages.

TO AUDITION FOR A ROLE: Please submit a head shot or recent photo to Jamar Alston at IF selected to audition you will be sent a auditioning script for the role that you’re interested in.

Once you have the script please send in a video audition to the email that was provided. You can select any part of the script to audition with.