Oak Film Co.

NO GAMES (:30-Sec Broadcast Spot)



Production Company: Oak Film Co.

Shoot Date: March 21st (roughly 10am call time)

Location: Jacksonville, NC

Rate: $100 for up to 4-8 hours

Run or Usage: TV & Social Media

A couple is shopping for cars at a dealership and expects to get the stereotypical “car salesman pitch” but is greeted warmly and receives the no games approach and get’s their fair price guarantee.

[WIFE] Female, 30-40, Any Ethnicity.

[HUSBAND]Male, 30-40, Any Ethnicity.

[SALESMAN] Male, 25-45 Any Ethnicity.

[EXTRAS] Males & Females, 20-75, Any Ethnicity.

The Casting Call is now closed.

Thank you all for all the great submissions.