TW Casting

BIG changes on SALVAGE, please take a moment to share and spread the word.


Due to the filming date change we have lost a lot of people so please take a moment and send in if you’re available and weren’t originally booked for Friday! CALL TIME IS LIKELY TO BE 5AM!!!



Males and females, all ethnicity, ages 18 and up.
Subject Line: New Church Go’er 3/19


Males and females, all ethnicities, ages 18 and up. Those submitting do not have to be able to sing or have any experience singing in the choir!
Subject Line: New Choir 3/19


Pay is a GUARANTEED $64 for up to 8 hrs and time and a half for every hour that exceeds the 8th.

Call time could be as early as 5:00am and Filming days can last up to 12+ hours so please come prepared.

Those submitting must be able to work AS LOCAL TO CHARLESTON, SC AREA!!!.

If interested email
Subject Line: List the role you are submitting for

Your email should include the following (If you HAVE NOT sent a general submission for SALVAGE):

Two recent photos (we prefer a body and head shot), Name, Contact Number, Age, Location, Height, Weight, Shirt Size, Pant Size, Jacket Size (if applicable,) Dress Size (if applicable,) Shoe Size AND a Description of any tattoos or piercings.

If you have already sent us a general submission email with ALL of the appropriate information then simply e-mail us with the appropriate subject line, state your availability.