Casting COLUMBIA, SC Student Short Action Film


Casting COLUMBIA, SC Student Short Action Film

Audition (Cold Read) March 28, 2018

Animals is a one-take action short-film in which a man seeks absolute chaos and destruction in the world. The only obstacle in his way are two FBI agents.
David: a headstrong, experienced FBI agent who will stop at nothing to ensure safety. 20’s to 30’s
Mary: an eager rookie FBI agent hoping to rise through the ranks at the bureau. 20’s to 30’s
Leon: forsaken by everyone he ever loved, Leon seeks revenge on the world that has wronged him. 20’s to 30’s
Goons: Strong and loyal bodyguards of Leon, very physical. 20’s to 30’s *Despite the names, the roles are not gender specific

Unpaid. You will be given meals, transportation, and credit

Please email your resume and headshot to

Student film from SGTV from University of South Carolina, Columbia.

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