Altair Casting

Looking for 2 actors for feature film by ex-UNCSA Film school grad shooting in Asheville.

Joyce (50-55)
Lead’s mom. She is a hardened mountain woman that raised Jack by herself and is the focal point of her family. She is a woman surrounded by men, including her son and her life long friend Tommy. She is a clean living, God-fearing woman and provides the mature, pragmatic contrast to the wild antics of Tommy Hawk.

Nancy (40’s)
Nancy is a beautiful but simple woman. It has been her lifelong dream to be a mother. She seeks treatment of Kali and the other Tantricas in helping get her pregnant. She open to spirituality and mysticism, although you would not know it by looking at her. This role is particularly vulnerable in that we will have Nancy laying in the middle of ritualistic circle with Tantricas surrounding her and humming, singing and praying to the Goddess Freya to make Nancy fertile. There will be NO nudity, but the role does require an openness and emotionally above the rest of the cast.

Shoots in April. Paid.

If interested and avail headshot/resume to immediately.