Sheepshed Entertainment

Kids Casting Call


Title: Court

Director: Elizabeth Berry, produced by Katherine Johnson Shooting Date: March 9th 5-9pm, March 10th 8am-8pm
Location: Huntsville, AL

Synopsis: A young boy’s reaction to his teammates parallels his life at home.

ZANE [Male, Open ethnicity, Age 9-11] – Quiet and reserved, Zane’s struggles are all on the inside. Must be able to play basketball.
SEAN [Male, Open ethnicity, Age 11-12] – When Zane and Noel get angry on the court, Sean acts as peacemaker. Moderate basketball skills required.
NOEL [Male, Open ethnicity, Age 12-14] – A bit of a bully, Noel likes to win at any cost. Must be able to play basketball.
ANNIE [Female, Open ethnicity, Age 10-14] – Tomboyish and tough, Annie insists on the playing basketball with the boys every chance she gets.

ZANE’S MOM [Female, Open ethnicity, Age 28-40] – Distant and self-absorbed, Zane’s mom is not there for her son.

TO SUBMIT: Please send the following to along with a confirmation of your availability for the shooting dates. 1) Headshot and resume, 2) For the boys, answer the following questions on camera and include a link to the video. How long have you been playing basketball? What is your favorite sports movie and why? How do your relate to the character you are auditioning for? Personality is what we are looking for!

Please note that all roles are unpaid, however, film credit, a copy of the final film, and all meals will be provided.