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Please read the info and carefully follow the instructions!

Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes Season 2 will begin filming in CHARLESTON, SC within the first few weeks of Feb!

Casting calls for specific extras roles and stand-ins will likely go up closer to the end of Jan. That being said, Those who take the time to send in a general submission will be prioritized when we check availability for roles throughout the season.

If interested in working on Mr.Mercedes Season 2 please send us a general submission e-mail at,

The e-mail MUST INCLUDE ALL of the following:
1. Recent headshot (does not have to be professional photo)
2. Recent body shot (can be photo with other people in it)
3. Name
4. Age
5. Phone number
6. Location
7. Height
8. Weight (this is only in case Costume Dept were to need it)
9. Shirt size
10. Pant size (for men we prefer to have Waist and Length measurement)
11. Dress size (if applicable)
12. Jacket size (if applicable)
13. Shoe size
14. A picture and/or brief description of any visible tattoos.
15. Color/make/model of your vehicle (if applicable,) if you send a pic too you get bonus points!
16. If you worked as a specific role or stand-in last season then please include the role (example: Policeman, Hodges SI, etc.) in the subject line of your submission

Those who send-in all the appropriate information/pictures will have a much easier time when applying for specific roles in the future and will not be expected to resubmit photos, sizes, etc when notifying us of their availability for a role.

Final note, Those submitting for this season must be willing to work AS LOCAL to Charleston, SC!

-TW Casting