Casting Call for Wilmington, NC Short “Mr. Postman”


Casting Call for Wilmington, NC Short “Mr. Postman”

We are looking for the following roles for the film “Mr. Postman” to be filmed in Wilmington, NC March 7th – 11th.

Mr. Postman is the story of a town trapped in the year 1945 and the two postmen, Earl and Charley, who want to save it.



-Earl (45-65): A Career Postman looking for a way out. He’s astute, honest, and lonely. He takes Charley under his wing.

-Charley (16-24): The Post Office’s newest recruit. He’s amiable, eager, and green. He aims to impress Earl.
-Barbara (35-55): The Postmaster of the town. She’s candid, diligent, and gallant. She wants to solve problems as she can.

-Richard (50-70): The Milk Master of the town. He’s cold, self-righteous, and has the town wrapped around his finger.

He wants to keep the town in the 1940’s to save his milk delivery business.


-Linda (25-45): The freshly fired school teacher who tried to sneak in modern technology.

-The Editor (45-70): The Editor of the town’s newspaper and propaganda machine.

-Mrs. Cooper (30-45): A resident of the town who wants out.

-Mr. Cooper (30-45): Mrs. Cooper’s husband who favors the town.

-Timmy (8-14): The newspaper delivery boy.

(Must be able to ride a bike)

Feel free to reach out to us at with any questions about the characters, film, or etc.

Auditions will be held in Wilmington, NC on January 20th and 21st.
Please contact us at Video Auditions Available upon Request.

*Due to the small scale of this project we will not be able to compensate cast or crew. However, we are committed to providing a professional environment to our entire production team.