2 Male Actors needed! Comedy Skit!!

QH Film and I are seeking 2 Male Actors for a 1-minute Comedy Skit.


When: SATURDAY, December 2, 2017


City: Raleigh


Location/Time: Outdoor, TDB (will be shared once Actors are selected).


Theme: A single guy and a couple


Skit Scenario: Tyra is leaving her apartment building awaiting her Boyfriend to arrive. As Tyra walks out of the door, her single guy friend sees her, and wants to take her out on a date. The single guy gets put in the Friend Zone.


Actor 1 (The Single Guy)

Actor 2 (Tyra’s Boyfriend)


-Please note that this is an unpaid gig; however, this will be an opportunity for experience, footage for reels.


Send your email here: tg.apparelshop@gmail.com