Metro Wealth Film Background Artist Needed

We are shooting 5 eps for our show “Power Corrupts” Staring on Thursday 9th of Nov.

1) DAY IN COURT – Kids, Moms and Lawyers, race open
2) PHOTO ROOM – INTERVIEW – Camera men, make up women, Congress Office Personal, race and sex open.

Friday 10th –
1) Bar Scene – Patrons , race and sex open.
2) Spa – Customers, female

Sunday 12th –
1)Apartment – Crime Scene Investigator; sex and race open.
2) Hospital – Patients and nurses race and sex open.

Monday 13th
1)Ballroom – Masquerade Ball party goers. sexy male and females.

Tues 14th
1) Alley -Police and Emt, race and sex open.

Wednesday 15th
1) Speech – Crowd and Reporters, race and sex open.

Power Corrupts has a star cast and is being pitched to Major Networks in March..
All Background talent will receive meals, credit and reel footage as compensate.
Send over Head and Full body pics along with resume to

be sure to pot the role that you are submitting for in the subject line.

Atlanta Ga
A Metro Wealth Film