247 Cast- Heinz Productions



Interviewing “Real People”

Bed sheets commercial.

Looking for:

Men, Women & Couples ~
Ages Late 20’s – Late 50’s
Attractive and fit “Real People”

* Must have a Queen or King size bed

If selected interviews will be held by appointment only

Nov. 8, 9 or 10th in Orlando!

Filming the Week of Dec 4th in Central Florida
Looking for Real People in the Central Florida area.

To submit: Email photos (Snap shot & Full Body Shot)

Answer the following questions:

Do you sleep on a Queen or King Bed?
Are you submitting as a couple?

Do you live in the Central Florida area?

Contact info: Phone & city of residence.

Email: realpeople247cast@gmail.com

Please subject emails: “Real People”

Due to our large volume of emails, only submit if you fit this breakdown.

Thank you!