We are casting for SUBURBIA, a web series for Instagram being produced by Atlanta teens in partnership with Adolescent Content.

Shooting in ATLANTA. We are aiming to shoot in mid-November, early December. The shoot will take place over two days.

MADISON (15-18). Caucasian. Madison was raised by an incredibly strict, religious mother who controls her life. Madison often struggles with mental illness and her sexuality.

VIOLET (15-18). All ethnicities. Violet is an LGBTQ activist and has a secret relationship with Madison. She is snarky, protective and always willing to stand up for what she believes in. ***MUST BE WILLING TO KISS A FEMALE ACTRESS ON CAMERA***

DEVANTE (16-19). Person of Color. Devante is the town’s local drug dealer. He is witty, highly intelligent, and moral. He often faces racist remarks from those around him.

JAKE (15-18). Caucasian. Jake is Madison’s boyfriend.. He is a hothead and is very concerned about his social status. He is very sheltered from outside issues.

TIFFANY (15-18). All ethnicities. Tiffany is a vain yet insecure person. She always wants to be the center of attention even though she often is not. She is willing to betray her friends to climb up the social ladder.

MADISON’S MOM (33-50). Caucasian. Madison’s mom is living through her daughter. She spoils Madison, and she’s always trying to be seen as the “cool mom”. She wants to be younger than she actually is.

POLICE OFFICER (20-40). Male. Will not be shown on camera.
Interrogates the suspects. He is a no-nonsense character who simply wants to solve the case.

HIGH SCHOOLERS (14-20). All ethnicities, all genders. Non-speaking roles but will be featured extras on camera.

This is a non-paid project. Credit and meals will be provided as well as lots of exposure through Instagram.
If you are interested in auditioning for any of the characters below, please send an email to with your desired character’s name in the subject line.

Please note that this web series DOES contain very adult content, including: drug references, adult language, situations involving suicide, racism and homophobia.

Please do not submit if you are uncomfortable with this content.

ALL information below must be included in your email or else we will NOT consider you:
Your name, age and location

A copy of your resume and headshot – reels are not required but encouraged if you have one Your contact information: email and phone number Auditions will be self-taped. Finalists from the video auditions will be asked to meet with us in person. Please note that this project is being produced by Atlanta high school students. We are more than willing to work with real teen actors and encourage them to apply!


Thank you! You can read more about me at my website: