Heroes of Olympus Webseries

The Heroes of Olympus Webseries is looking for actors in and around the Montgomery, Alabama area.

This project is run by high school students.

There will be no payment for anyone involved in the project.

Additionally, we do not own the series; all rights belong to Rick Riordan. You also must be able to transport yourself and provide your own lunch if needed. We are willing to make exceptions for the roles; please email us any questions (for example: if you feel you could play the part well, but are not an exact fit). Please film yourself reading any lines for the character from chapters one through ten. For extras, film yourself reacting to someone else (so it would be background acting). Please include a headshot. Please send all the files along with your name and age to cklose12@gmail.com along with the best way to contact you and what city you live in. If you have resume as well, you can send it in, though they are not required. Specify in your email who you are auditioning for.

There may be fight scenes, so please be okay with acting in those.

Jason Grace: 15-18, male, blonde hair, eye color doesn’t matter Jason is a leader figure. He’s serious and is there to do what needs to be done, while caring about his friends.
Leo Valdez: 15-18; male; brown,curly hair; preferably Hispanic, however, if you are Caucasian you may try as well Leo is a goofball, usually joking around, though he has a tragic past.
Coach Hedge:15 and up; male; under 6’; preferably Caucasian, will accept any race (but any Asians might want to wait and try for Frank) Coach Hedge takes his job very seriously and is protective.
Will Solace: 15-18, blonde hair, male, Caucasian Will is more in the serious side.
Drew Tanaka: 15-18 dark hair, female, race doesn’t matter Drew likes to flirt.
Extras: 13-18, can be any race and gender
Chiron: 16-19, male, preferably Caucasian, but can be any race Chiron is a father figure and mentor.
Hera: 16-19, female, hair color does not matter, Hispanic or Caucasian Hera is the queen of the gods. She has her own agenda, and while it might not seem like it, cares deeply for her family.

If you know you will busy in the spring, especially Saturdays, please do not try for a major role. Casting closes mid-November. All auditionees will be notified by the end of November. We hope to make it through the whole series, so also include if you will be able to finish out the project or not (this will not affect your audition unless you have to leave halfway through a book). You may audition for more than one role. Full details will be released to the chosen actors.

The Twitter for the project is @hoowebseries18