Tona B. Dahlquist Casting


Fourth Wall Films is seeking those interested in working as Extras for an upcoming Movie to be filmed in Charleston, SC. Filming the end of October thru the first of December.


Anyone working as an Extras must do such as a local hire.

Along with General Extra Needs, there are a few specific types we are seeking.

Also in need of the following:

* AMPUTEE – or someone that may have been burned, missing an eye, ear etc..) Please include (REQUEST) in your submission heading.

* REAL/ACTUAL – EMT/Paramedics, NURSE, MECHANIC, CORONER, POLICE Officers/Detectives, CSI Unit and Photographer.

This means REAL (actually has been or is employed as such). Please make sure you include your work experience and information as such in your submissions as well as position in your heading. Example -(NURSE).

ALL Submissions must include the following information:

2 CURRENT PHOTOS (1 Full Length & 1 Head and Shoulder/closer up) These photos should be taken in October or within a few weeks of submission. Photos can be taken with a cell phone. NO hats or Sun glasses should be worn in photo. No edited photos.Director will Photo select many Extras. These photos must accurately reflect your current hair style,length and color, facial hair, height/weight, age and general appearance.

ALSO INCLUDED should be the following:

NAME, Also include Parent’s Name if submitting a Minor.
AGE, PHONE -prefer Cell # if you have one in case we need to text ASAP any last minute changes. CITY/STATE you reside,
Males -Jacket -example 42 R, Dress Shirt -Neck & Sleeve, Casual Shirt -example M, L, XL, Pants -Waist & Inseam, Shoe
Females -Measurements -Chest/Waist/Hips, Dress Size, Pants, Skirt Size, Shirt Size, Shoe).
TATTOOS -Description and location
VEHICLE INFORMATION -Many Extras will be cast with their vehicle -Example -High School Parking lot etc… Please include the YEAR,COLOR, MAKE AND MODEL Vehicle or Vehicles you have access to. Include a vehicle photo if you have such.

SUBMISSION HEADINGS -Should be YOUR Ethnicity, Gender, Age ,City and State you reside. EXAMPLE -Asian Male, 45, Charleston, SC.

If responding to a special request -please include anything request you include in your heading.

SUBMISSIONS including ALL photos and information requested should be sent by email