E Marcelle Casting, inc.


Casting 2 roles for SAG ULB feature Calm Before. Shooting in Marion, Va Jan 15-24. These roles will be needed min of 2-3 days.

*Both of these are speaking parts. Casting will be in touch with you if we’d like you to submit taped audition!

Starring, Michael Lombardi, Vanessa Ore, David Bianchi, Darby Camp, Karen Abercrombie, Brad Coffey, Lacy Camp, and more!


Logline: A husband and wife on the brink of divorce are trapped inside an old inn on the eve of their anniversary, and must face their demons, both real and imaginary.

Please send headshot/resume/reel to calmbeforemovie@gmail.com
Put character name in subject line of email

16 to 23 years old, all ethnicities female.
Street-wise, has seen the worst that humanity can offer, knows how to take care of herself, attitude, doesn’t let anyone tell her what to do or how to live, self-harming habit, bruised and broken but has developed a thick skin that nobody can get through. Tattoos and piercings or dyed haired is great but not a must. Pivotal role.
Prefer local hire or those that can work local hire in Marion, Va
Meals provided, possible lodging unless working local hire.

23-38, all ethnicities, female
Very attractive, model-type, or exotic, exudes mystery and sex appeal. The Mistress isn’t just beautiful, but knows how to get what she wants, and often does. She isn’t afraid to play up her looks to get it either. Behind the gorgeous face, however, are secrets. Men have hurt her. And as rough as it’s been, part of her enjoys the game. Especially if she can come out ahead.
Prefer local hire to Marion Va, or those that can work local.
Meals provided.