Z-List Zombie School- Savannah

Ok Zombie fans…The Z-List Zombie School is Finally coming to Savannah!

Local talent agency, Red Willow Talent, has asked Featured Zombie Actors from AMC’s The Walking Dead to come into the area and put their actors through the same training that all Walkers on the show must go through before being allowed on camera.

You have seen the Walking Dead’s “Zombie College” specials on
TV- now you can get the same class in your own home town!
This class was originally reserved only for their clients, but we asked if we could open it up to ALL actors in the area and they agreed!

The 4-Hour class will start off by giving some hints and tips on how to market yourself as a background artist in local productions, then will put you on your path to help get into character and bring out your “inner dead” the same way we do it on the show.

You will also be taught to safely perform basic stunts such as falls, kills, fights, and deaths.
Space for this class is EXTREMELY LIMITED

Many Z- List Zombie School classes have been held in other states over the past few years, and to date, our graduates have landed jobs on several productions including The Last of Our Days, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Captain America Civil War, Spiderman: Homecoming, Outcast, The Originals, and even The Walking Dead. Of course- marketing yourself is up to you and there are no guarantees you will get hired.
We just show you how to open the door…

This class is One Day Only and will be held on the afternoon of Saturday, September 30th in the SAVANNAH, GA area.
Space for this class is EXTREMELY LIMITED!

The cost of the class is only $100
– 12 and older only. (Younger accepted under special circumstances.) Please let us know if you have any known allergies to latex, makeup, or contact lenses.

This is PHYSICAL class. We will be up moving around for most of it and will also be learning basic ground stunts and falls. Please dress appropriately with this in mind (Workout clothes are your best option.
Knee/elbow/hip pads are not required but can be helpful if you have them).

To sign up, please email your name, phone number, email address, age, height, weight, and 2 photos (Head and full body) to ZListActor@gmail.com and we will email you back the address, times, and payment information.