Central Casting Georgia

TV Series: S3 – FOOTBALL PLAYERS – filming in Douglasville, GA – Tuesday 9/26

Should be an early morning call time ***

Pay Rate: $68/8 hours

FOOTBALL PLAYERS: Currently casting SKILLED football players (18+ years old) to portray high school football players! This is an exterior scene at football practice so you WILL BE PLAYING! You must be clean shaven! If you have cleats, pads, helmets, let us know in the email you send (along with photos). Tell your football buddies to submit as well! Please only submit if you look like you are high school aged.

Please email the following to S3@CENTRALCASTING.COM

• CURRENT photo(s) of yourself
• Legal name
• Phone number
• Football experience
• Height, weight, and measurements
• Notate “FOOTBALL” in the subject line!


1). You should be the only person in the photo.
2). Please face the camera.
3). Only clear and well-lit photos will be considered.
4). Absolutely NO filters!
5). Inappropriate photos will NOT be considered!