Casting Call – WebSeries

Casting Call for the Original Web-Series “20′ something…”

Synopsis: “20′ something…” follows CJ an up & coming actor, in the middle of a quarter life crisis, who flees his New York life & fiancé’ to his hometown of Birmingham, as he questions everything he knows about his life. Surrounded by his friends as they navigate their lives at the back of 30. “20′ something…” is a dramedy explores relationships, family, and the dynamics, and implications of being a young millennial, with a colorful cast of characters, and a quick witted script.

CJ- 27-28, Black. Protagonist- NYU Graduate. An actor, who until recently, lived with his fiancé’ In New York. A bit Naive, and at a major turning point in his life. Main Cast

Kim- 27-28. Racial Ambigious or Ethnic. She’s extremely sarcastic, outgoing, and loves to have a good time. Very into spirituality, the meta-physical, astrology etc. Her style reflects that. Serial Job hopper. Strong Comedic Actress needed. Main Cast

Brandon- 27-28. Black. Golden Boy. Handsome & tall. CJ’s brother.
Married to Katherin. Humble, Loyal. Main Cast

Katherin-27-28. White. She’s extremely intelligent, and often emotional. Very concerned with appearances, and images. She’s very opinionated, but she means well. She’s Brandon’s wife. Comes from privilege. She’s not a snob, she just aspires for perfection.
Main Cast

Max- 25-26. Black- He’s Brandon’s best friend, he’s a player.
Your typical womanizing guy. He’s known for doing this. He’s extremely attractive, and “Social Media Famous”. Brandon’s best friend. Main Cast

Jackson- 29. Black. CJ’s Ex-Boyfriend from New York.Casting Agent.
He’s extremely suave. He has a very strategic plan for his life, and He is very focused on “being a millionaire before 30”. His career is his top priority, though CJ is on the top his list as well.

Mandy- 21-23. Race-Non Specific. Pre-Law Student. Very perceptive and attractive young woman. She’s book smart and street smart. She knows exactly where she’s going, and has no time for games or to get distracted. Reoccurring

Lauren- 27-28. Race Non Specific. An old frenemy of Katherin’s.
She’s desperately clinging on to her youth. Always out and about, with various younger guys. She’s had quite a bit of work done.
She’s day drinking on a monday morning kinda girl. She’s seen quite often around town, doing the utmost. Strong Comedic Actress.

Troy- 27-28. Race Non-Specific. CJ’s high school sweetheart.
Intelligent, Artistic

Wanda- 43-50. Black. Mother of CJ and Brandon. Dotes on her kids.
Funny. A bit nosy. She’s always been the “Fun Mom”. Reoccurring

We are still looking for several crew positions as well, including PA’s & Grips. Please submit your resume & recent work to

****All positions & roles are non-union & non-paid***** IMBD Credit, and we will accommodate food & lodging that weekend if needed!

Auditions are Sunday, September 24th 2:00pm-8:00pm. @ The Hub, 2217 6th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233

Please Submit Your Headshot & Resume to to secure a time slot!
Sides will be Provided, No Need to prepare anything.

**Filming Dates are set to be 11/10-11/12** Must be available the listed dates, Specifically November 11th for the group scene.

This is Just filming for the Pilot, but there will be 4 more episodes for this season & we would like to keep the same cast!

Any Questions feel free to email us @ !