Supporting characters for an independent LGBT drama/comedy film in ATLANTA.

Small pay because this is a low budget film. Actors will be fed and given footage for their demo reel.

Katrina (Mom): African American. 35-50yrs. supporting role. Wants to support her daughter, but also has to take her husband’s feelings into consideration. SUBMIT DRAMATIC MONOLOGUE.

Floyd (Dad): African American. 45-60yrs. supporting role. He is a preacher and the father of both main characters, Tee-Tee and Ciara. Completely disagrees with his daughter’s sexuality because of his religion. SUBMIT DRAMATIC MONOLOGUE.

Uncle Bubba: African American. 45-60yrs. supporting role. Intimidating look. Moves in with the family after his wife puts him out for alcoholism. The family later finds out that he sexually assaulted someone. SUBMIT DRUNK MONOLOGUE.

Maxine: African American. 35-50yrs. Day player/supporting role. The southern housewife type. Uncle Bubba’s wife. SUBMIT A MONOLOGUE.

Chelsea: Caucasian. 18-25yrs. Supporting. Popular high school girls and one of Ciara’s best friends. Serves as the comedic relief.

Trent: African American. 21-30ys. Supporting. Attractive, tall, basketball player. At least 6”. Ciara’s boyfriend. Acts and dresses as a thug in one scene, and a nerd in another. SUBMIT COMEDIC MONOLOGUE.

Send a recent headshot, full body shot, and monologue related to your chosen character to

Include your name, age, current location, & height. Must have open availability every Saturday and Sunday for rehearsals and shooting.