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We are seeking a 6-7 year old child for a Ohio Lottery Commercial. (If 5, must look young). Must be fully available for audition day, fitting day and shoot days before applying.
To apply please email
Subject: Ohio Lottery/Child
Body: Include child’s name, location, phone, height, and 2-3 pictures. Please read the following
Exclusivity/Conflict Holding: Not Applicable
Session Rate: $650.00 + 20% / 10 hour day.
(overtime is time and a half per hour based on hourly increments of session fee) $150 fitting fee
Buyout (amount paid for Media Buy): $600.00 + 20%
Travel Rate: Negotiable pending location of talent
Production will cover hotel, mileage and per diem if applicable
Media/Usage Utilized: Broadcast, Cable, Digital, Internet, Cinema – 8 weeks
Agency/Client – 1 year web use for internal marketing, internal promotion, contests, no paid media
Length Of Usage: 8 weeks paid media 1 year, internal promotion, awards, demo reels
Date buyout begins: 11/1/17
Audition Date: Need by noon Friday, 9/15/17
Callback Date: Thursday, 9/21/17 @ Marcus Thomas in Cleveland
Wardrobe fitting: Tuesday, 9/26/17 @ Marcus Thomas in Cleveland
Shoot/Travel Dates: Travel/fitting Tuesday, 9/26, Shoot Wednesday, 9/27 3p to 3a 9/28