CASTING: Looking for potential actresses for leading roles only at the moment for an LGBT short film.

This is a coming of age drama about a high school girl dealing with social pressures while battling her sexuality. The amount of pay hasn’t been determined yet at the moment, but this is a low budget film. Food, credit, and footage for your reel will be given also. Rehearsals and shooting will be held on Saturday and Sundays only starting in late Oct. Must live in ATLANTA area only!

Tee-Tee: Lead. 18-25 yrs. African American female. Loner and shy because of her insecurities. She is jealous of her sister because she has always been beautiful and favored by their parents.

Ciara: Lead. 18-25 yrs. African American female. Extremely beautiful and popular around their high school. Although her and her sister, Tee-Tee, has their share of ups and downs, she is supportive of her when she reveals her secret identity.

Kenise: Supporting. 18-25 yrs. African American/Caribbean female. Must speak Patois and/or have West Indies accent. Tee-Tee’s love interest that gets forced back into the closet after experiencing physical threats.

Baby Tee-Tee & Ciara: 7-10. Appear in 3 flashback scenes. In one scene, their uncle bribes them with candy and they leave unhappy and scared (implying that he sexually assaulted them).

NOTE: The girls will not act in any assault scenes and there will not be any touching of any kind. email with the character’s name in the subject, current headshot, and actors reel(or monologue).

Will be contacted for an in-person audition at the end of the month if chosen.