Casting Call: Original Webseries

Unpaid, Non-Union.

Production Start Date: November 2017

Production Location: Northeast Georgia Area


Directors: Clay and Trey Brandon


Set and filmed in North Georgia, Spooky Snoops is a comedy-horror mockumentary series, satirizing the ghost hunting genre and the filmmaking process once its stripped of all its allure and glitz.


Synopsis: With their crew of amateur investigators, filmmaker Wendy Walker and her paranormal enthusiast brother, Warren, dive into the many hauntings and unsolved mysteries plaguing their rural hometown.

At least until Wendy can land a better gig and ditch these idiots.


Pilot Episode Overview:


In our pilot episode, the Spooky Snoops crew investigates the aging estate of a murdered ladies man. Let’s rephrase that: a team of amateur ghost hunters inspect the site of two grisly murders committed

40 years prior, wherein the victims are believed to still dwell. No, that’s not right either. Hey, what the hell was that?



Wendy Walker

Age: 21-25


Director, Producer, Camera Operator of Spooky Snoops


Recently returned home to rural north Georgia after attending film school in LA. The younger Walker sibling, Wendy is not thrilled to be using her hard-earned academic knowledge filming a ghost hunting show.

She feels she is capable of much more, and holds herself and her peers to sometimes unattainable standards. Likes art, avant-garde cinema, and punk/psychedelic rock.


Emotional: clever, cultured, creative, cynical, sarcastic, blunt, perceptive, practical


Physical: Caucasian, on the shorter side, blonde hair, tattoos welcome, hipster sense of style


Warren Walker

Age: 24-28


Host of Spooky Snoops, the “Paranormal Expert”


A star football player in his high school years, Warren’s interests shifted after an accident caused an out of body experience on the field. A deep fascination about other planes of existence, particularly ghosts and the paranormal, was born. A frequent marijuana user with a tendency to become complacent, Wendy pushes him to explore this interest further. He is surprisingly well-read, and an avid jazz fan.


Emotional: cool, charismatic, honest, naive, excitable, passionate, but can be directionless


Physical: Caucasian, mid-length, blonde hair, facial hair, average to athletic build, laid-back style


Augustus “Augie” Silvers

Age: 24-28


The Sound Guy of Spooky Snoops


Warren’s oldest friend. Has zero interest in ghosts but multitudes of interest in sound, having recorded podcasts in college while pursuing a history degree that he doesn’t use. He works retail at a hat store called “ALL CAPS” at the local outlet mall. The “token black kid” in school, he was adopted by the token liberal family in Hawning county, and is a loyal cannabis smoker. A media junkie, he enjoys all things movie, TV, game and music-related.


Emotional: witty, facetious, purposely provocative yet principled, strangely philosophical


Physical: African-American, tall, lanky, unkempt hair, a sharp-dresser


Forrest Ferdinand

Age: 24-28


Production Assistant, Camera Operator, On-Set Doofus


Augie’s good friend and roommate-he works with him at ALL CAPS and passes the time dreaming up his get-rich-quick schemes. An extra pair of helping hands on set, though he isn’t exactly cut out for production life: he interrupts and bumbles his way through most takes.

A show-off who doesn’t take life too seriously, there is never a dull moment when Forrest is on set with the crew.


Emotional: impulsive, absent-minded, playful, boyish, curious, gullible, easily distracted, imaginative


Physical: Open Ethnicity, short, shaggy hair, average height, athletic to husky build, frat-boy style


Audition Schedule: Auditions will be held late September at the University of North Georgia, Oakwood campus. Details will be made known to fitting candidates.


***NOTE: The Spooky Snoops crew is made up of both current students and alumni of the Film & Digital Media program at the University of North Georgia. Though roles are unpaid at this time, we run our sets in a professional manner, and expect the same level of professionalism from all who submit. We take pride in our work, and intend to collaborate with individuals dedicated to making a project we can be proud of, and incite scares and laughs for episodes to come.



IMDB credit, on-set meals, and a copy of the episode (and subsequent

episodes) for the actor’s reel will be provided.


For consideration, please send the following information to Madeleine Pearson, Casting Director, at




-Reel or Clip of previous work

-Your General Location (Atlanta local, Oakwood local, etc.)


**Please enter the CHARACTER NAME you wish to be considered for in the Subject Line.**


Please direct further questions to either the above email address, or to


Writer/Storyboarder Clay Brandon’s Artist Website: