The Players Casting Call

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Casting Lead Roles in Student Film: “The Players”

The Players is a pilot episode that focuses on how acting and theatre connect people from a variety of backgrounds. The production will rehearse in November and will be shot the first two weekends [Friday – Sunday] of December in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Please be aware that The Players will feature mature content.

Character Breakdowns:

– Xerxes: (male, 30 – 45, Arabic, homosexual)
The director hired for the season. He is artistic and exotic, a free spirit.

– Lena: (female, 30 – 45, African American, butch body-type)
The stage manager for the season, the responsibility for the entire show rests on her shoulders. She is motherly and strict; she is kind and wise, but also does not have time to joke around.

– Aurora: (female, 18 – 25)
Aurora moves to the big city to pursue her dreams of being an actress after her grandmother dies. She is a young, innocent, and an idealist.

– Lalita: (female, 25 – 35, Asian, bisexual)
She is spunky and colorful. She protects those she considers family with her life, but she isn’t afraid to burn bridges to the rest of the world.

– Andrew: (male, 25 – 35, African American)
He is an all-American boy. He turned to extra circulars during high school to avoid being swept into a gang, which made him a star on the stage and on the field.

– Sterling (male, 20 – 30, biracial, homosexual)
A paradox – both dauntless and doubtful. He recognizes and flaunts his talent, but constantly berates himself for not being perfect.

– Peter: (male, 20 – 30, redhead)
He is a loner from the rest of the group; he speaks in literature allusions and often counsels others.

– Aldwin: (male, 45 – 65)
Once an action movie star, he is returning to roots after having a bad back injury on set. Despite landing several large franchise films, he remains humble and excited on each project he works on.

– Bridget: (female, 35 – 55, plus size and curvy)
A veteran actress returning to for the season – always in her Silver Star mother’s shadow, she struggled to establish herself as an actress in her own right. She had success in her early 20s as young heroines, but is having a hard time adjusting to more matronly roles. She has a tendency to be over dramatic.

– Caleb: (male, 20 – 30, Native American)
He developed a degenerative eye disease in high school and is legally blind. He is positive, sweet, and determined.

– Charlotte: (female, 25 – 40)
Once a pageant queen, Charlotte is still seeking the spotlight through acting and modeling. With a strong southern twang, she was raised to be the epitome of grace and feminity. She hides her claws with dainty gloves.

– Melek: (male, 30 – 45, Jewish, bodybuilder)
A novice in the world of theatre, he developed a tough body builder persona to hide his sensitive poetic side.

– Irene: (female, 40 – 55, Latino)
An ex-soap opera star, she has a vibrant and fiery personality.

– Isha (male, 35 – 60, Indian)
The “dad” model: makes lame jokes, lives off puns, and offers food in times of stress. He often supports others before taking care of himself.

* Please note that if there is not a designated race, the role will be awarded to the best actor regardless of race or ethnicity.

Even if you do not fit the desired ethnicities of the character’s, please send us an audition if you are interested in the role.

Actresses and Actors interested in auditioning are asked to submit:
• 2 60 second audition monologues – one classic and one modern piece.
• In the audition, please tell us your name, age, and what role you are auditioning for.
• An updated Resume and Headshot
• A calendar with conflicts

Video files should then be emailed to the director at along with headshot/resume and contact information. The deadline for audition submission is September 18, 2017. All actors and actresses who are called back will be given sides from the script to submit.

Further Questions?
Please Contact: Alex Cherry