Casting Call

The Sell By Date

Wilmington, NC

Storyline: When a little girl starts to internalize societal beauty standards, her aunt must find a way to work through her own negative self-perception in order to save her.

We are looking for the following roles for a UNCW Student Film. All actors must be willing to work AS A LOCAL TO WILMINGTON, NC. Filming will occur over several weekends in October and early November.

Deborah, 45-60, any race *WOC are highly encouraged to apply Deborah is an empty-nester who has been taking care of her nieces Brindlee and Zoe in her free time. Deb wants to lead them down the right path so that they grow up believing in themselves and having a good sense of self-worth, but struggles with her own self perception.

Brindlee, 8-12, any race **Sisters or good friends highly encouraged to apply (see role below) Brindlee is an all around girly girl. It’s Brindlee’s dream to be a “princess,” and she’s learning from media and society that she needs to reach an unreachable and unrealistic standard of beauty if she wants to be like the “princesses” she sees represented in the media.

Zoe, 6-10, any race **Sisters or good friends highly encouraged to apply (see role above) Zoe is a sassy tomboy who speaks her mind (think Olive Hoover from Little Miss Sunshine.) Zoe thinks highly of her older sister Brindlee, and as she starts to notice Brindlee conform to a new style of thinking about her body, she starts to follow her example.

Chris, 35-55, Caucasian
Chris is oblivious to the struggles of his wife and nieces. He is distracted by trying to find a new job and often says offensive things without fully realizing the impact of his words. Chris expects his wife to be physically fit, but isn’t fit himself.

Andrea/Andy, male or female, Late 20s-40s, any race Andrea/Andy is the busy single parent of Brindlee and Zoe. Balancing a full time job with taking care of the kids, she/he often foists the kids onto Deb.

Mr. Ab Murder, 20-30, any race
As the star of an 80s style series of workout videos, Mr. Ab Murder is a ripped and over the top character. He enjoys flexing and wearing bodysuits with sweatbands.

Dave, 40-60 sounding ***VO Role
Dave is an old friend of Chris’, and is trying to help him get a new job.

Please submit a headshot and resume along with your desired character in the subject line to . Auditions will be held 9/9, 9/10, video auditions acceptable upon request.