“PHOENIX: FULL THROTTLE” proof-of-concept


Please read carefully, follow directions and submit accordingly.

Casting now for a micro-budget, independent film shoot, which will be a proof-of-concept piece for a feature film in development.

Shoot days are Sept 28, Sept 29 and Oct 1 in the Western North Carolina area of Asheville & Hendersonville, NC and possibly upstate South Carolina.

Some roles will be needed one day. Some roles will only be needed 1/2 day.


FOR SUPPORTING AND PRINCIPAL ROLES: the compensation is $65 for half day & $125 for full day + meals and small travel stipend for those traveling from out-of-town. Lodging will be arranged on an as-needed basis for those traveling. The ability to work as a local hire in Asheville or Hendersonville, NC is a plus for consideration and final casting decisions.

Send an EMAIL to

In the SUBJECT LINE: Put the NAME OF THE ROLE you are submitting for. *Please only submit if you fit the character breakdown.


Your availability for the weekend of Sept 28 – Oct 1, if you can work as a local hire or not, your acting Resume, CURRENT head shots, full body shot, links to any pertinent websites, online demo reels and IMDb link (if applicable), etc.

Selected applicants will be contacted within 7 days and sent sides in order to do a taped audition.
Some roles will get a callback for an audition in person, in Asheville, NC. Some roles will be booked directly from taped audition.

Thanks for your interest and good luck!

Brian “JET” McClean – Male. Caucasian/Mixed Race. Aged 40-50. Dark hair, muscular build, attractive. Engine mechanic; Ex-Pro Stock racer; a “man’s man”. Quiet, salty, angry with brooding intensity. Think Josh Brolin (Lead)

Frank “PRIMO” Stallings – Male. African American. Aged 50-60. Large build, preferably 6ft tall or more. Race engine specialist. Charismatic, charming & humorous with an element of danger behind the eyes that says he is not one to be messed with. Think actor Thom Barry. (Supporting)

“KIP” – Male. Caucasian. Aged 18-25. Deep thinker, intelligent, quiet and conflicted. Old soul. Loner. Typical introvert and “tortured artist” trying to find his way in the world and out of his anger at the hand that life has dealt him. (Supporting)

“MURPHY” Female. Caucasian. Aged 18-25. Street racer. Stereotypical Irish hothead with a bad attitude and chip on her shoulder. Hard looking. Angry at the world and reigning “queen of the streets”, fights like a man. Antagonist. Must have long red hair (or willing to color hair red) Piercings and tattoos required (can be added in makeup if needed) Think of a young Taryn Manning. (Supporting)

“TIGG” Male. African-American. Aged 20-40 Dreadlocks, piercings, tattoos. Dangerous looking. Think Lenny Kravitz. Partner to “Murphy”. (Supporting)

“ED” – Male. Caucasian. Aged 60+ Dark, Grey or Salt & Pepper Hair. Father to lead female. Ex-military and accustomed to always being in charge. Paraplegic in wheelchair, wounded in battle. Proud soldier & angry about his physical condition and being a burden on his family. Think Robert Patrick. (Supporting)

“KAZ” Female. Asian. Fraternal twin to brother “Koji”. Aged 18-25 Street Racer. Beautiful, baby-faced. Can be bubbly, but more often cocky, sexy & smart-mouthed. Slim, attractive body. (Supporting)

“KOJI” Male. Asian. Fraternal twin to sister “Kaz”. Aged 18-25. Adorable, Baby-faced, chubby, lovable, humorous, Gay. Best friends with “Stewart” (Principal)

“SHAW” Male. Latino/Hispanic. Aged 20-25. Typical sexy “bad boy”. Dark hair, intense eyes, dark skinned, sculpted body, 6 pack abs. Think Ryan Guzman or William Levy (Principal)

“STEWART” Male. East Indian. Aged 20-30. Fun-loving comedian, Consummate techie nerd with Peter Pan syndrome wanting never to grow up. Always playing video games or with some new techie toy and always has his little dog “Bandit” with him. Best friends with “Koji” Think actor Ravi Patel (Principal)

“CATO” Male. Mixed ethnicity/Chinese/Filipino. Aged 22-30. Street Racer. Dangerous looking. (Principal)

“REPORTER”: Female. Non-white ethnicity. African-American/Latino/Hispanic/Other. Needs to be able to deliver a believable “live on the scene” report of a deadly and fiery car crash.