Central Casting Georgia

New Faces Only

* Star Season 2 *



Wednesday August, 30th and Thursday August, 31st

Location: Atlanta


Industry Party: Looking for men and women 23-40’s to portray, hip and cool, Lawyer types, producer types and label employees at an Industry Party. When submitting put “Industry” in the subject line.


Artist SK: Looking for two females. 21-30’s to portray Attractive, hip and cool Artist types. When submitting put “Artist SK” in the subject line. When submitting, you need to look like you’re a performer.


Waitstaff-Looking for men and women with REAL EXPERIENCE, 21-30’s to portray a waitstaff. When submitting put “Real Waitstaff” in the subject line. Please list your experience


*** Submission Rules***

When submitting pics, please make sure you are the only individual in the pic. Please face the camera. Must be able to see your face.Clear pics only. No blurry pics, No Instagram or Snap chat filters on pics please.
Please send an email to Star@centralcasting.com. Include name, number, age, city location, car pics and recent picture(s). Put what you are submitting for in the subject line.