Marinella Hume Casting Atlanta

It’s Time To LAUGH!!!


The Director has now decided to use a CAUCASIAN MALE in his 30’s with a DORKY Geeky/Nerdy look to portray A CAST MEMBERS SON!

Seeking a CAUCASIAN MALE in his 30’s with a DORKY/ geeky/Goofy/charactery LOOK!

Caucasian Male
Age: 29-38

INTERESTING LOOK/DORKY! goofy/geeky/nerdy

The Director will make the selection!

If selected the individual must be available Monday, August 28 at 9:30 AM to interview with the director.
Interview Date: Monday 8/28/17
Film Date: Sept. 20th
Rate: BG position $68/8 (no lines)

If you fit the description please submit ASAP photos will be shown later today for a decision to be made.

Send 3 Photos
Location/ Distance to Atlanta, Ga


Please do not send photos with other people in them. Best photos are selfies to show your current look. Please do not take photos of old photos and please do not send old photos that are not current or up-to-date.
Subject: GOOFY Cast Son 9/20
(Please keep in mind you must be available Monday 8/28 at 9:30 AM for an interview, if selected)
We do not own any of the photos displayed. Photos are for ideal purposes only…
Thank You!