Marinella Hume Casting Atlanta

*The Originals now seeking Soccer players and musicians for the week of August 23rd- September 1st*

Please see roles below and include appropriate subject line.

Location: Conyers, GA and Surrounding Areas.

General BG Rate: $64/8

1. Real Soccer Players to portray boys high school team.

Workdate: Friday, August 25th
-This will be shirts vs skins scrimmage.
-In submission include actual age and soccer experience.
-Mainly looking for ages 16-25 that are able to pass as high schoolers.
Subject: Soccer
-for anyone over 18.
Subject: Soccer Minor
-for anyone under 18.

2. **Real Musicians**

-More info on Rate later. Possibly AFM.
Must own their own instruments.
Subject: Trumpet
Subject: Trombone
Subject: Upright Bass
Workdate: Wednesday, August 30th
Age (Must be over 18)
Height / Weight
All Clothing Sizes
Current City (Distance to Conyers)
Photos (Face & Full Length)
Optional: Stand in experience/ resume
Optional: Car (Color, Make, Model, Year)
Send emails to

If you have submitted in the past, be sure to check your email this weekend. We will be sending availability checks to those who may fit the roles for this episode.