247 Cast- Heinz Productions


Casting for Universal Orlando Resorts Volcano Bay! If cast these are non-speaking paid roles.

Looking for:

Real, Same Sex Couples of any ethnicity

With or without children

We are looking for people with an active youthful vibe, somewhat toned, but not too buff.
Must enjoy rides, adventure & be able to swim without the assistance of a flotation devices.

People that live in surf/beach communities would be perfect for these spots!

Auditions will be held during the last 2 weeks of Aug.

By Appointment only
We will contact you if selected.
Callback TBD- Early Sept.
Shoot Dates: TBD – September

Talent must be willing to work as Local Hires in Orlando, FL*

To submit: Email photos (Snap shot & Full Body shot) of everyone being submitted
Contact info: Phone, email & city of residence.

Email: families247cast@gmail.com

Please subject emails: “Same Sex Couple – VB Casting”

Due to our large volume of emails, only submit if you fit this breakdown. If you would like to find out more about our casting opportunities, please visit us at www.247cast.com or follow us on Social Media!

Thank you!