Extras Casting Atlanta

NEW PROJECT starting in September

more to follow but currently looking for the following – A real court reporter stenographer with their own equipment — email a recent photo of yourself and your set up to: THGextras@gmail.com – COURT REPORTER in Subject

Also looking for some real police officers — real law experience or military experience — clean cut looks – men and women – email a recent photo exactly as you look today and all contact info also to: THGextras@gmail.com – POLICE in Subject

Looking for a few African American males — tough scary looking guys — don’t have to be big — all shapes and sizes — just tough — email a recent photo or two and all contact info to: THGextras@gmail.com – TOUGH GUYS in Subject

Last looking for some African American men and women 50’s to 80’s to portray some specific family members — email a recent photo and all contact info to: THGextras@gmail.com – FAMILY in Subject