Burton Casting

Burton Casting is currently casting the following role for a SAG Short Film.

MAX: 17-20 yrs. Open on race. Max is the loud mouthed braggart of the group. Relatively good natured, but with a biting sense of humor. He’s the loudest of the group. He’s possibly the biggest and most athletic. Like a football player who got kicked off the squad.

Rate: SAG ULB Scale

You do NOT need to be a member of SAG to submit.

To submit, please send a headshot and acting resume to burtoncasting@gmail.com. Please include the city you live in, age, height and weight.

Must be available to audition in Austin this Friday 8/18. Audition by invitation only.

Shoot is happening in September. Exact days TBD. Most likely a 3 day shoot.