Short Film Casting Call

Production title:​ Running Redemption

Union / Non-Union:​ Non-Union

Production Type:​ Independent/Student

Project length:​ Short Film (10 minutes)

Director:​ Ayzha Burwell

Producer:​ Ayzha Burwell

Casting Directors:​ Ayzha Burwell & Austin Bitikofer

Audition Location:​ Raleigh, NC


Compensation​: IMDB credit, a copy of the final film, and light snacks during filming.

Dates Auditions:​ August 18, 2017 1:00 PM – 7:00 PM

*If audition times do not work for you, a video audition is acceptable. Please email to schedule your audition time. Include headshot and resume.* Shooting: ​August 25 and August 29.

About the director:​ Ayzha Burwell is an independent filmmaker attending Living Arts College. She has previously directed other short films, a mini documentary, and music videos.

About the film: ​Former high school track star Miles Ringley fakes an illness in order to take money from his fans, enlisting help from his mother and school principal. The elaborate scheme is threatened to be exposed by the principal’s daughter Dana, a sassy teenage investigator.

Character Bios ●

[Miles Ringley, Male, Age: 16-18]

​ Miles used to run track for his school team, using illegal drugs to run faster. After deciding not to take them anymore, he fakes being wheelchair bound to start a fundraiser for himself and get rich. In the end, he goes through an internal crisis trying to figure out where his values lie.

● [Mirena Ringley, Female, Age: 40-45]

​ Mirena is Miles’ mother. She does crooked things, but is mainly concerned with doing what she thinks is best for her son. She is quick-tempered and overly emotional

● [Principal Wilson, Male, Age: 40-45]

​ Principal of Miles’ high school. He is stern, serious, and carries himself professionally at all times. He has a strained relationship with the daughter, and seems to prefer Miles over her, as Miles can make him money.

● [Dana Wilson, Female, Age: 16-18]

​ Dana is the principal’s daughter. Her personality clashes with her father’s, as she is bold, witty, and fun-loving. She is the one that figures out her father’s plan, and tries to put a stop to it.