The Crossing

Head Shot Submissions-The Crossing



We are now accepting head shots and resumes for a horror film trailer.

This trailer will be shot in the Piedmont and triad area of North Carolina. Please be within an hours drive if you submit to this film.

We are looking to shoot this trailer in early October.

This film is primarily for minority cast members, but we welcome all submissions.

The Crossing


At almost every college around the nation, there are ghost stories and tales of murder and madness. The Crossing brings these stories and legends to life in a bloody reality.

Cliff Smith is a 20 year old college student. He is a member of a fraternity and has a great girlfriend, Amber. Everything seems to be going his way. However, on the night of the Annual Crossing Party everything changes. Cliff convinces some of his friends to join in on a little prank at the legendary local Crossroads, but the unexpected happens. Once Cliff arrives with Amber, his friends lay in wait preparing for their scare. However, things go terribly wrong, when it is revealed that they are not alone, and a madman is stalking them.


Cliff Smith(20)

Characteristics:Charismatic,smart, strong willed

Cliff is a good looking guy. He is your typical college student. He is clean tall and in shape.


Characteristics:Charismatic,cocky,sarcastic, kind of a jerk

Kyle is like Cliff only with a little more sarcasm. Kyle is also the president of the frat. Kyle has a knowledge of the campus and knows all the local ghost stories.


Characteristics: Sweet, bubbly and innocent.

Amber is Cliff’s girlfriend. She is very attractive and does not believe in the legend of The Crossing.

Cindy Gibson(21-22)

Characteristics: Bubbly, goofy and sweet

Cindy is Kyle’s girlfriend. She looks perfect with him. She is very attractive with a perfect body. She is what most guys want in a girl.




Characteristics:A joker, funny guy

Steven appears at the beginning. He is a fraternity brother of Cliff’s who goes out to the crossing to try and scare Amber.


There is no pay for this trailer however you will receive food and a copy. Please email all submissions to