Casting/Crew Call: Feature Film (The Beautiful Ones Are All Mad) Non-Union/Some Pay

Casting “The Beautiful Ones,” a feature film set in Austin, TX about mental health as it affects young people.

Casting call Break Down


Concept Trailer-

Dr. Mason (40-55, Male or female)- The attending psychiatrist at the Austin facility where Kunle lands himself; he/she serves as the voice of reason as the narrative develops; he/she takes a special interest in Lola his resident physician and in Kunle, her patient.

Bradley(20-30, male)- A young patient at the mental rehab facility who suffers from schizophrenia; he becomes the roommate to Kunle when he is admitted into the facility; a whimsical character, who believes he is a legendary pianist preparing for his stage debut at the London Westend

Anwar (25-35, Male, Indian)- A handsome resident orthopaedic surgeon at the hospital where the mental rehab facility is located; he is the fiancee to Lola, through a family arrangement.

Mya (25-35 Female, Hispanic)- a woman who suffers from multiple personality disorder; she is also a patient of Doctor Lola at the Mental rehab facility.

Samantha (25-30 Female, Caucasian)- An opinionated film student in Kunle’s film program who challenges him on his most recent film project..

Mr.Collins (40-50 Male, Caucasian, any European Accent preferred)- A film teacher at the program where Kunle attends; a verbose man who finds himself having to be a wrestling referee in his class.

Shola (25-30 Male, African American)- Brother to Kunle. A level headed successful young man, who refuses to allow his traumatic past affect him, unlike his brother.

Titilayo (25-30 Female, African American)- Fiancee to Shola, Kunle’s brother. A beautiful young woman with a positive disposition.

Dr. Hu (35-45 Male or female, Asian)- A persistent internal doctor who works at the hospital, where Kunle finds himself.

News Caster (Any age, any race, preferably Asian)- A pithy News Anchor who breaks the news of the missing medical doctor who has been kidnapped by her insane mental patient.

A young Miriam (25-35, Female African American)- A young hardworking and dedicated mother who finds herself in a very bad marriage.