Short Film – The Lot

I am shooting a short film August 25 and I am looking for 4 male actors.

Unfortunately I cannot pay you, due to the fact that this is my thesis piece for film school and I am on a very tight budget. I will however supply food.

Below is a document showing the project in more detail and the character descriptions. Please take a look at those!




Film/Project Title: THE LOT


Writer/Director: Maxwell Rinehart


Synopsis:  4 characters who work in the film industry, but have no relation with one another, converse inside a local bar. Each character has their own needs and wants. However, each character also has their own set of trials and tribulations. Tensions arise when these needs and wants are not met.


Production Type: Short Film


Filming Date: 28th August


Filming Duration:  1 Day


Filming Location: Sinema Restaurant and Bar Nashville, TN




Harry – Mid 30s Male. Smart, ambitious. Harry is an actor who sits at his booth alone and repeats his monologue over and over to get it right. Whenever Harry fails to complete his entire monologue, he becomes frustrated and starts the monologue over.


Marvin – Mid 20s Male. Desperate. Marvin is an aspiring writer/director. He is willing to do ANYTHING to get his recent drama screenplay into the hands of an executive.


Jerry – Mid 50s Male. Stout, handsome, but also unwilling to listen. Jerry is a film producer who is only there to enjoy a drink. He does not want to listen to any pitches or even think about the film industry, so anyone who wants to try and push an idea at him better watch themselves.


Paul – Mid 40s Male. Working class man. Paul is a makeup artist for a film that is currently being shot. He sits at the bar alone, and talks on the phone with his wife. His wife is convinced that he is sleeping with one of the actresses that he does make up for. Paul attempts to convince her otherwise.


If interested, send a head shot to


Thank you!