Auditions for ‘UNTITLED’ independent feature film



WHAT: OPEN Auditions for ‘UNTITLED’ independent feature film


WHEN: Friday, August 11, 2017, 11 AM to 3 PM and 4 PM to 7 PM

WHERE: Global Mall, 5675 Jimmy Carter Blvd ,Suite 685 (2nd Floor),Norcross, GA

“Please Bring headshot and resume “



Nathan – Early 30s , Caucasian, Male. A seasoned veteran of the Detroit police, he is a newly appointed detective. He has a friendship with Sid, his Tamil partner, and together they are the only task force against the Tamil insurgence in Detroit.


Young woman (Secretary)– Late 20s , Caucasian. A true opportunist and epitome of corporate greed. With only success in mind, she will go to all levels to get the goal. Even if this involved wrecking another family.


Antoni – 40s-50s Caucasian ,Male. A kingpin of the polish underworld he works to keep the city at peace. However, when he starts to see new players step into his territory, he has an air of insecurity. He starts to take action to clean up the city and tries his best get his control back on the city. This raises the tensions between him and the Tamil gangs.


Boris – 40s Caucasian ,Male. An accomplice of Antoni and a loyal gang member. He steps into the wrong turf and things start to take a turn for the worse. He is the catalyst for the upcoming turf war. His fate is yet to be determined.


Vineeta F (35-45) – In her late 30’s she is pretty and sophisticated. Vineeta is part of the rich and famous and entitled in Detroit. She doesn’t see the other side and while she tries to advise the female lead, her advice is mostly driven by judgement. Needs to speak fluent Malayalam.


Rani F (35-45) – Mother to Maulik, she is a typical Indian mother who is overbearing and protective. Though she loves her son very much, she believes she is slowly losing hold of him. She is a constant worrier and a motherly figure not just to Maulik but also to the lead protagonist of the film. Needs to speak fluent Malayalam.


Data Expert – 30-40s. Needed to play a data expert at the local police station.


Green Suit –  age 25-30 , Tamil/Malayalee. A henchman of the Tamil gang leader. He loves guns and cars and women. Blinded by the influx of new money he tags along with Selvan to commit any crimes without thinking. It is this thought process that gets him caught in-between the cross fire. Things can only go downhill for him.


Officer -30-40 , Any Ethnicity, Male or Female, looking for someone to fill the role for Desk Officer at Police Station.


Security Guard – 30-40 , Any Ethnicity, Male , Looking for someone to play the guard in a Ship yard.


2 COPS ON STREET CHASE -30-40 , Any Ethnicity, Male , Looking for two actors to play cops in a cop car on a chase.


 PORT WORKER –  20-30 , Any Ethnicity, Male , looking for an actor for a role as port Worker

Thanks ,

Abhilash Chacko