The Neighborhood Kids

Casting Call

The story follows two brothers, Ryan and Ethan, who spend their nights running around selling cigarettes to underage kids in the neighborhood. Their routine is interrupted when a jealous but idiotic friend decides to steal the money from the kids buying cigarettes. In fear that he will get them all in trouble with the ruler of the neighborhood, Ryan and Ethan go out to confront him.

Characters Needed:

LJ – we are looking for someone who is 18 years old but looks a bit younger. LJ follows the main antagonists around and does everything he says. He is a bit goofy, and most other characters do not see him as a threat.


Some info about the team and project:

We are a group of student film makers out of Greenville, NC. We are short on time and only have one weekend to shoot this. Most of the script is based at night, so we will be shooting almost all night both Friday and Saturday of this weekend (July 28 – 29). So if anyone is interested in playing this role, you may be spending the weekend with the team. Like I said we are all students, all in our early twenties. This isn’t here to deter anyone, but it is quick a rigorous schedule, as you should know.


Pay: Food on set and a copy of the finished product. (no cash compensation.)

Shoot dates: Friday July 28 start around 8PM – 4AM
Saturday start around 2PM – 6AM (sunday)

Location: Suburban neighborhood near Mooresville, NC

If you are interested please email:
Other email:

We would love to hear from anyone interested. This shoot should be a lot of fun.

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