Casting Call

We are seeking cast for a new web series entitled “The High Keys”.

Casting Call for the below roles on Saturday, July 22nd at 11 a.m.

(3641 Zip Industrial Blvd., Hapeville, GA 30354)…

Please email your headshot and reel prior to:


***See attached Log Line & Synopsis….


Trey James is in his (early 30’s) – African American (AA)

Stevie Henning is in his (late 40’s) AA

Benji Atlas is in (late 30’s) – Caucasian.

Kris Wayne is in (mid 20’s) – Hispanic and half Black.

Ross Washington is in her (late 20’s) -AA

Linda Henning is in her (late 40’s) – AA

Mike Washington is in his (mid 30’s) – AA

Wyatt Castle is in his (late 40’s) -biracial.

Lucy Henning is in her (early 20’s) -AA.

Marcus “Caretaker” Niles (late 40’s) -AA

Trish “Jelly” Jackson is in her (mid 40’s) -AA

Charles “Tiggy” Flores (late 20’s) -AA Male

Joey Atlas (late teen’s) is Caucasian and Benji’s son

Aubrey Camel is in his (late 20’s) – biracial

Zoey Lane is in her (mid 20’s) and is biracial

Luna Peters is (early 20’s) – Hispanic.

Killian “Molder” Stepford (late 30’s) – biracial

Rica Lopez (late teen’s) is Hispanic and is Joey’s girlfriend

Hunter Simpson is in his (late 20’s) is Caucasian

Daniel Marx (early 20’s) is biracial

Jean “MC Dream” is in his (early 30’s) – biracial

Skylar Winters is in his (mid 30’s) -Caucasian

Lee Sills is in his (mid 20’s) – biracial

Phil Green is in his (late 20’s) -Caucasian

Harlo “Skids” Brown (early 20’ s)- AA Male

Barber (elderly Male)

Cop (any age)