July 19, 2017

Location: The Light Factory

5-7 PM

(Please Be Prepared To Do A Cold Reading When You Arrive)



‘AMONG MOUNTAIN CRAGS’ is a female-driven romantic folk tale meets revenge thriller set on location in the Appalachian Mountains.

Filming on Location in Western North Carolina and Virginia.

SHOOT DATES: 08/10-08/26. Dates subject to change based upon role and production scheduling.

WILLIE LOWE (MALE; Early to mid-20’s; Caucasian/Ethnically Ambiguous): Boyishly handsome, belying an underlying intensity and purpose.
Mysteriously arrives in the downtrodden town and is the first person to champion Coralie. As the two travel North through the mountains together to get married, things begin to grow dark. (LEAD)

MRS. BANDY (FEMALE; Late 30’s-early 40’s; Caucasian/Ethnically Ambiguous): She was likely pretty in her youth but a life of bitterness has hardened her. She is the outspoken opposer of Coralie in the town but she harbors a secret, tragic past. (SUPPORTING)

HIKER WOMAN (FEMALE; late 20’s-early 40’s; Caucasian/Ethnically Ambiguous): Coralie and Willie stumble upon her when she’s alone and injured in the woods. She acts as the older sister/mother figure Coralie never had. (SUPPORTING)

SHERIFF (MALE; 40’s-60’s; Caucasian/Ethnically Ambiguous): The upright and understanding backbone of the town. Mrs. Bandy’s husband and Francis’ father. (SUPPORTING)

FRANCIS (MALE; 10-15; Caucasian/Ethnically Ambiguous): A trouble making pre-teen with a shrewdness beyond his years. (SUPPORTING)