Short Film Casting Call – Asheville, NC


Casting Call for the short film – The Infinite Heart


The Infinite Heart is a performance centric dramatic short film shooting for 4 days in the first 2 weeks of August in the Asheville, NC area.


This project is low budget but all roles are paid.



Saturday July, 22nd between 10am and 5 pm.



The Asheville Studio

12 Old Charlotte Highway

Suite 80

Asheville, NC 28759


PLEASE EMAIL CASTING@SUTTLEFILM.COM with a 2 hour window of time on Saturday July 22nd that you would be available to audition. Also, please list the roles from the breakdown you would like to be considered for.


We will do our best to schedule you within you preferred time window and to also be respectful of how long we ask you to stay that day.


We will respond with a confirmation of your audition time.



If you are unable to attend the auditions on July 22nd, please send online video submissions to CASTING@SUTTLEFILM.COM

SFCharacter Breakdown

Character Breakdown – The Infinite Heart


Michael – caucasian,  40s – 50s


Michael is haunted by his daughter’s suicide.  While an empathetic, righteous, and thoughtful man, he’s become brooding, wallowing in the Fallout after her death.


Consumed with guilt, and obsessed with trying to somehow change what can’t be changed.



Victoria – caucasian, 30s – 50s


The matriarch of the family.  Wise, with a realistic sense of the world.  Focused on keeping everything together in the wake of tragedy. Perception is often her reality however.  A stern romantic.



Bethany – caucasian , 16-20


Typical wasted youth.  Got off track after Mother’s Day and fathers absence.  Turns to sex and drugs.


Dancing training a plus.



Peter – young teens 


Prodigious academic athlete. He knows he’s important yet not quite a brat. An old soul, wise for his age, yet the world is still a very big place for him.



Therapist – any race, 40s and up


A measured and deep thinker. She believes in progress through action, and doesn’t mail it in. Cares about her clients.



Gabe – any race, 40s 


Cynical hard worker.  Not to self important, sarcastic, overall very genuine and probably a good friend if you get to know him.



Mary – any race, 30s – 40s 


People pleaser who is loyal to a fault. The world can be falling apart and she’s the one who will smile and tell you everything is fine.



Young Bethany – caucasian, 5-8


Will be dancing as young ballerina and playing in a field. Physical characteristics similar to older Bethany.