Multiple Supporting Actress Voice-overs “Buyer Persona” Senior Student Film, Durham NC

Production title: Buyer Persona – Producer: Austin Sakal Production Type: Senior Student film for The Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham Project length: 10 Minutes Project format: Short – Digital

Synopsis: Johnny Freeman, an android and host of an obscure late night shopping network is a failure at his one role in life. Selling old garbage to anyone who will buy it. Dissatisfied with his life Johnny sets off to make it big on his own. However, things go awry when he discovers a mysterious living radio named GWNN. Enthralled by GWNN, Johnny enters a bizarre relationship with the radio that could very well lead to his undoing.

Character Breakdown – GWNN

• Requirements – Female, Age range 20-50. GWNN’s voice isn’t one voice; it’s a collection of radio hosts. In one scene she will be advertising a product in a fun engaging way, in another cruelly mocking someone. We need a wide range of personalities and ranges for the voices that fit the dialogue for any given scene.

Location: The Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham 410 Blackwell St Unit
200 Durham, NC 27701, 2nd floor of the building on Room 212 Email Casting Submissions To:

Recording Date: 7/19/17

Time: 1- 4 pm, Due to the fact that we will be accepting multiple people, please email me ahead of time stating which times are best for you. I will respond shortly and confirm the times, or if someone else has that time slot.

Compensation: Your own personal copy of the film to use within your reel, along with voiceover credit in a lead role.

Script: Attached PDF


*If unable to attend the audition: Although we would vastly prefer if you could audition in person, we may accept a recording you of you saying your lines through online submission to our email. However we cannot promise that you would be included in the film if you are unable to travel to the location listed within this casting call for a better recording of you performing your lines.