BAILEY FILMS is casting for “ALONE”.

The short film takes place present day and will film in Lexington, Danville and surrounding areas.

The story is about a man who can’t seem to find the woman of his dreams and the difficulty that comes with finding love as well as a woman who decides to take out her aggression’s on men that don’t treat her the right way when dating them.

The two main character’s stories converge in a tale of rejection, deceit, revenge and fantasy.

Shooting will begin in mid to late September on weekends.

This film will go to the film festivals and each actor will be paid 25 dollars per day plus credit, copy of the film on DVD and meals.

If you’re interested please submit a photo and a resume. All ethnicities welcome to submit.

TESSA -(20’s – late 30’s)- Female lead. She decides to kill the men that she dates as a way of coping with being hurt time and time again.

EVREN- (20’s-late 30’s)-Female supporting cast. She is the male lead’s dead girlfriend. As he thinks about her she appears to him flashbacks.

EVE-(20’s-30’s)- Female supporting cast. She is the male lead’s good friend.

Steve-(30’s-40’s) -Male supporting cast. He is victim #1.

David – (20’s-30’s)-Male supporting cast.He is Tessa’s ex-boyfriend and victim #2.

Jaye- (30’s) -Male supporting cast.He is potential victim #3 that escapes from Tessa.

Also casting 4 women that are shown on dates with the male lead for brief scenes in a flashback sequence.

Woman #1 – (20’s – 40’s)
Woman #2 – (20’s – 40’s)
Woman #3 – (20’s – 40’s)
Woman #4 – (20’s – 40’s)

Please email photo and resume to:

and you can mail photo and resume to: Ernest Bailey
320 High St. Apt A
Danville, KY. 40422

You can also call to:330-607-6561