Chasing Pride Films is casting for a New Short-Film

Hello my name is Morgan E. and I and the founder of Chasing Pride Films LLC, a film company dedicated to creating film that addresses social injustices out of Raleigh, North Carolina.

IT’S TIME AGAIN! We are casting for our next shirt film. It is one hilarious one I must say!

Auditions are August 12th!!! If you are interested in auditioning, send an email to with the subject line “August 12th” and you’ll be added to the casting list.

Emails will be sent including character information, role descriptions, the location of auditions, and all other relevant information or updates.

No experience is needed, so ahead and send that email.

In the mean time check out our latest production Swing State the web-series on our Youtube channel at Chasing Pride Films.

Follow us on IG @chasingpridefilms and visit our website at I look forward to a response, and have a good day.