The Sinful South SPEAKING ROLES & EXTRAS for the week of 6/26-7/2

Project Type: Feature Film


We will fill your bellies, do your headshots, IMDb Credits, and cut you a reel. Also free entrance +1 for the premiere!!!

Director: Silas James Rowland

Deep in the dirty south, an heir to a criminal empire creates havoc for those left behind by his father when he decides to shut down the family business and take the money for himself.

What is the Super Indie Project? During the months of June through July I decided to test myself in creating a feature length film on a minuscule budget in record time with just over a month of prep, production, and post-production.

The end result will be shown on July 25, 2017.


DWEEB – 6/27, 11AM (2 hours)

male, 20-40s. An outspoken bandit part of the criminal family who offers the heir a bit of information in regards to his corrupt Uncle Jacky (also needed on Wednesday 6/28 2:30PM-7PM)

PIZZA BOY – 6/27, 2PM (3 hours)
male, 18-25. selling pizza and smoking pot, Pizza Boy gets too comfortable with his clients.

POOL BOY – 6/28, 2PM (5 hours)
male, 18-30. Stoner who’s not entirely sure what his job is. Recently hired on to crime family. Doesn’t know how to shoot a gun.

ONE – 7/1, 10AM (8 hours)
male, late 20s-40. Bank Robber hired to kill two other bank robbers.
Calm, collected, and casual. Business like.

TWO – 7/1, 10AM (8 hours)
male, late 20s-40. Just like One but a bit clumsier.


THIEVES – 6/27, 11AM (2 hours)
any. dressed in black, these guys shoot first, steal second, and don’t care if it’s the middle of the day.

DEAD GUY – 6/30, 2PM (3 hours)
any. Doesn’t say much but his guts hangout and he can’t really see straight. Heavy makeup and prosthetic.

Please send headshots and contact info to