Southern BG Casting

What we are currently booking:

tomorrow we need a few more Caucasian males ages 30-50. Must be ok working in Barnesville call time around 10 am. Rate 75/8 +20 gas bump subject: Rainbow

Also need a few more Caucasian townspeople men. women w. american made cars.. NO red white or red.. year 2000 or newer does not need to be in great shape.

works tomorrow call time around 10 am. Rate 75/8+20gas bump 25 car bump. Subject: Americana

Need AA men and women ages 30-80 who are available to fit tomorrow in Barnesville. and be able to work Monday the 26th in barnesville.

NO urban types. Looking for simple country types. rate 75/8 +20 gas bump on work date. Subject: Drake friends

Need Caucasian men and women small town types who are available to fit tomorrow or Saturday in barnesville.

Character types welcome. and must be available either monday the 26th or tuesday the 27th.

If you have an American made car please also submit that. rate 75/8+20 gas bump car 25 bump subject: Crickets or crickets w/ cars

Please submit a current photo of your self or car. Please include all sizes. height weight and clothing sizes to include shoe size. Do not forget your phone number