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Audition Notice. “Raptor’s Wing: The Romulan War” Miami, FL


In the 22nd century, humanity is ready for the next phase of its trek through the stars by forming a peaceful coalition of planets.

All of that is threatened when the enigmatic but brutal Romulan Star Empire declares war on Earth.

Will humanity rise to the challenge or face extinction?

A team of experts recounts the sacrifices and struggles that led to the creation of the United Federation of Planets in this Feature Film.

Female (Multi Racial) 27-30

Hannah Cochrane

The great-great granddaughter of the legendary inventor Zephram Cochrane, “Zee” was born into a legacy of science and accomplishment.

As the Executive Director of the Cochrane Institute of Alpha Centauri and a brilliant scientist in her own right, Zee is an expert when it comes to the breakthrough technologies that were used by both sides in the Earth-Romulan War.

Male 25-28 (Multi racial, native american, wheite/caucasion, latino/hispainic

Director Koval

Koval is a Romulan national and one of the sole surviving members of the Tal’Shiar, the feared Romulan spy agency.

After witnessing the destruction of his homeworld while also suffering from a terminal disease, the old spymaster finally reveals the untold secrets of the war from the Romulan perspective.


Female (Any Race) 20-35