FREE Improv Workshops – Saturday, June 24, 12-4p & Sunday, June 25, 1-5pm


FREE Weekend of Improv Workshops (Saturday, June 24, 12-4p & Sunday, June 25, 1-5p) For All Ages and Experience Levels (No

Experience Necessary) – Charlotte, NC


***You and anyone you would like to bring along with you (friends, colleagues, fellow actors, loved ones) are cordially invited and your are encouraged to pass this information along to anyone you feel would be interested.  Families are welcome.  We will keep things “family friendly” as possible.  Past workshop attendees are encouraged to



Planet Improv, Inc. and its President and 16 year improvisational theatre professional performer and educator, Scott Pacitti, is hosting a weekend of free improv workshops for all ages and experience levels

(no experience necessary.)


Attendees are encouraged to participate in either or both day(s) of

workshop(s) as much as their personal/professional schedule will



Improvisational theatre/improvisational comedy/the improv mindset training offers a laundry list of real world (professional and

personal) and theatrical (entertainment field) spontaneous skills for

life and it is a fun and positive experience.


Activities will include: physical and mental warm ups; hands-on, short form improv (like “Whose Line Is It Anyway” games;) hands-on, long form improv (a play without a script;) improv theory and side



The workshops will be held on the top floor of the First Christian Church, 1200 East Blvd, Charlotte, NC.  Free parking is available in lots on either side of the church.  The double entry doors face

Dilworth Road East across the street from one of the parking lots.


If an attendee (or potential attendee) has any questions, needs any further information, wishes to make Mr. Pacitti aware of their attendance, or has any trouble finding the venue or workshop room, they can call/text Scott at 704-301-1564 or at at least 24 hours prior to the



More information can be found about the workshops at under the group “Charlotte (NC) And Vicinity Improvisers Trust Yes.”  One does not need to be a member of the MeetUp group to

participate, but are encouraged to join the group at no charge.



Facebook:  Scott Andrew Pacitti – Planet Improv – The Chuckleheads

Twitter:  @improvscott – @planetimprov  Charlotte (NC) And Vicinity Improvisers Trust Yes



“Always do what you are afraid to do.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Improvise a spectacular life until we communicate/cross paths again.


Scott Pacitti

Planet Improv, Inc. & The Chuckleheads


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