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Searching for Actresses and Actors for Post Apocalyptic Short Film

Casting Call!

We are searching for Actresses and Actors for the upcoming short film project. The film takes place in a dystopian world. Post Apocalyptic.

If you’re a fan of (The Hunger Games and Divergent) then you will enjoy this.

The story is about after World War 3 took place and everyone is fighting for survival.

It revolves around a Brother and Sister. We have those 2 casted already along with their dad.

We will start training by the middle of this month of June.

The training will include (Parkour and Fight training).

We do have places to do Choreography even at a Parkour Gym.

Location for meet is in Raleigh, NC but filming locations will be around that area.

We start filming by Fall. We refuse to film in the hot weather.

My guess will begin in September. We just want everything ready by then.

We will shoot on Weekends. (Friday-Sunday).

This film will go to the film festivals along with a Premiere and Blu-Ray Dvd.

This isn’t a paid gig. Some Equipment along with Locations will be rented.

Food is included of course. If you’re interested please Submit a Photo and interest.

Experience of other projects will help but not needed.

Please be Serious about this. Here are some of the characters below.

Constance: (Main Love Interest)

Strong, Independent and Military Background. (Loves to take Charge) Age (25-35)

Tia: (One of the Main Villains)

Crazy, Insane, Extremely Vicious and well trained in fighting styles.
Age (20-35)

Jason: (Main Villain)
Calm but unstabled. Well trained in fighting styles.
Age (20-35)

Jacob: (Co-Villain)
Crazy and loud. Trained Fighter and Also Vicious.
Age (20-35)

Henry: (Constance’s Father)
A Coward. Loves his family but makes wrong choices.
Age (45-55)

Jania: (Constance’s Mother)
Caring, Loving and tries to keep the family together.
Age (40-55)

Jacob: (Constance’s little Brother)
Dying Brother. Talks but in pain.
Age (10-15)