Casting Call for Student Short Film at The University of Alabama

Casting Call:

Student Short Film from The University of Alabama seeking actors and actresses.



Production Title: Haciendolo




Length: Short Film (10 minutes)


Posted on: Wednesday Jun 14th, 2017


Production Location: Tuscaloosa


Director: Alex Cherry


Producer: Caleb Butler


Casting Director: Zain Hashmat


Shooting Location: Tuscaloosa




Living Situation: Provided for those it may concern.


Audition Tapes Must Be Sent Out By: July 14th, 2017




Rehearsals Start: August 2nd, 2017


Rehearsals End: August 3rd, 2017


Shooting Starts: August 4th, 2017


Shooting Ends: August 7th, 2017


Synopsis: “Haciendolo” is a film about a poor Hispanic woman who deals with everyday racism in the heart of Texas after stealing a measly bag of groceries to provide for her family. Her actions are well intentioned, but not everyone in this small town sees her struggle in the same way. This seemingly small theft soon turns into an exploration of trust, judgement and compassion in modern rural America.




MARCIA MARTINEZ [Gender- Female] [Age: Late 20’s – Early 40’s]

[Race: Hispanic]


Marcia Martinez is a strong, selfless woman, trying to raise her son and daughter as a single mom. She struggles but pulls through day by day.  She has a strong desire to care for her children, but makes a morally questionable decision to steal groceries in order to provide.



DIEGO MARTINEZ [Gender- Male] [Age: 10-12] [Race: Hispanic]


Diego is Martinez’s son and he’s been left to mature wildly since his father’s been in jail. He’s responsible, caring and compassionate but his innocence isn’t fully lost. MUST SPEAK SPANISH


OFFICER HARRIS [Gender- Male] [Age: Mid 30’s – Early 40’s]

[Race: African American]


Officer Harris is a police officer who attains strong moral beliefs and stands firmly within the eyes of social justice. He has a family that he cares for and understands when others are struggling and tries helps out whenever he can. He’s warm, kind and caring.


BUSINESS MAN [Gender- Male] [Age: Late 20’s – Mid 40’s] [Race:



A well-dressed professional with very selfish attitudes towards others. He’s a loud mouth with an aggressive personality that cares for no one except himself. He is also a veiled racist. Must be able to perform with a Texas or Southern accent.


MRS. SHELDON [Gender- Female] [Age: Late 20’s – Mid 60’s] [Race:



She is the by the books manager of the Quik-Mart grocery store who has to deal with  a shoplifting incident. She is a kind lady, but is often overworked and tired because of this job.


MARCUS [Gender: Male] [Age: Mid 20’s] [Race: Any]


A grumpy neighbor of the Martinez’s. Marcia often asks him to help with the kids and he is begrudgingly helpful.


CASHIER GIRL [Gender: Female] [Age: 16 – 25] [Race: Any]


A teenage girl who works as a cashier at the grocery store. She is easily annoyed, doesn’t like her job, addicted to her phone and is basically a brat.


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